spring collections, tokyo: yoshio kubo

by Jeremy Danté

after seeing the ato menswear collection, my love for men’s style in the context of japanese fashion design started to heat up. upon seeing the yoshio kubo, suddenly my own love for clean lines & style subtlety was being questioned. through design experimentation, the collection hosted a range of prints while the male models walked the runway with exposed black roots & platinum dipped tips- a style i have long loved. overall, the collection presented a powerful set of menswear design that found no need to reference current trend- it was almost an act of style deviation. packed into the collection was a range of style inspirations that i have seen spewed all over the world- the collection is truly an inspired one. it was almost like an art of the unconventional. the collection of beautifully styled chaos struck a strong chord with me, being that clean lines were still represented but then they were contrasted with something super outlandish. it was a perfect composition of male style & a vivid mind shift of how i define style. this is what design represents for me- it’s that moment when, suddenly, you start to re-evaluation your own style, thinking; “i would wear that”. in those moments that’s when you evolve- as a style enthusiast & as an individual.

imagesource | wwd