by Jeremy Danté

chaotic layering in the lane of vivienne westwood; the shida tatsuya SS12 collection was a collection that immediately stuck out to me when looking to review collections from japan that stretch beyond the parameters of what we, as americans, define as style. in palette, the collection started with subtle white & eventually became raided by pink, black, navy & orange. stripes added a nautical feel to the collection as the sequencing of the looks added a theatrical feel to this spring story. from the first look to the last, it seems as though the silhouettes become gradually more & more complex. much like a pile of laundry, the garments go from simplistic in white to sheer with gradual layers & at the close of the collection it seems as though the models are wearing quilts. it’s these stories that i look for when reviewing collections; i love the sense of style deconstruction that i see with this collection. from the halved khaki coats to the blouses that appeared to be dress slips- though chaotic, a story was told. artistically, i value the collection & in design i admire the unabashed approach. well executed & beautifully translated.

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