by Jeremy Danté

shown at tokyo midtown, the spring collection presented by japanese menswear label, phenomanon was one of colorful inspiration & classical style with a modern twist. seemingly nautically inspired, the collection was well versed in use of print. when looking at collections, i really pay closer attention to lines- cleanliness, clarity & refined. the collection plays that middle ground of experimental & classical well. it’s funny, when thinking of japan’s fashion scene, you automatically think of experimentation. a wide range of colors were seen in the collection palette all while the collection’s sense of cohesion was never disrupted. opening with notes of white & navy, the collection’s front end sequence was much more relaxed & as the collection progressed, colors warmed & silhouettes were extended. in sequence, it was almost as if the collection was slowly climbing into the fal/winter season, considering how large of a presence blazers had through to the collections closing look. of course, as a dude, when looking at menswear you automatically think, “would i wear this?” & to answer that question in reference to this collection, the answer is yes. a refreshing take on classics with a slight re-emphasis on how to remix the expected with a bit of the unexpected. strong collection overall.

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