by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – in the lane of what we seen from jason wu; london’s crown jewel, burberry prorsum continues down a path of greatness for the pre-season. while the collection is nothing spectacular in contrast to the last few seasons we’ve seen from the label under the creative direction of christopher bailey; an arsenal of coats is presented once more. modeled by burberry model fave, cara delevingne of DNA, the collection is highly commendable as a poignant mark of consistency on behalf of burberry in today’s modern market. thoughtful styling & placement of accessories lend a large amount of force to the labels growing value as sleek silhouettes play their part. much like wu, all the fall bases are covered- coats, dresses & gowns, if needed, within the set.

use of fur, suede on the collections footwear & a slew of belted waists are seen as i applaud yet another outstanding collection of the pre-season. of the many other collections i’ve seen & opted not to cover, burberry is of honorable mention due to the fact that they never half ass anything. from their campaigns, to the collections, runway shows & even lookbook images- every inch is drenched in style, sharp execution & elegance. other collections present six piece pre-fall sets & expect the retail market to swell with enthusiasm- i don’t think so. burberry reminds us that, even in the pre-season, they are still coming for your ass in more ways than one. strong collection, completely appealing to not only my personal taste, but in the taste of works best with their existing clientele while slightly nudging them into a more progressive lane of style. christopher bailey is oh, so ill. [source]