by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – in a rousing spree of speculation, industry murmurs & absolute chaos in the press; the house of christian dior has taken their sweet time in selecting the next designer to creatively lead their historical fashion house. reported by WWD, sources have spoken that a deal with belgian designer, raf simons is on the rise & will soon be finalized. throughout much of this year, following the termination of christian dior’s previous director, john galliano; names like marc jacobs, hedi slimae, ricardo tisci & tom ford were thrown around while no confirmed reports had surfaced. with what have appeared to be substitution collections, a variation of looks & themes that seemed far too embarrassingly ‘dior’ at any level, have been presented on the runway under the design direction of bill gaytten. while some fashion kids are on their knees praying for a resurrection of galliano for dior, it seems as though dior’s choice with raf, if true, could be a sticky situation of it’s own.

simons has become a highlight in fashion, through his design work with jil sander, he also heads up his own namesake label raf simons, which is among the most highly noted of the menswear sector. known for his hyper-minimalist design approach, simons is already considered one of fashion’s leading innovators & one of the strongest visionaries whom relies not on current trends but on his own design philosophy. considering simons & his contracted role at jil sander, the designer & his legal team may have to pull a few high fashion bunnies out of their hats in the coming months to secure a contract for him to begin work as the creative director at dior. amidst the circus of a calender that fashion operates on, pre-fall is well underway with couture collections waiting at the front end of january, while fall collections aren’t too far behind that in february. with simons multiple roles at both his own namesake label & jil sander, whom he has creatively directed since 2005, im waiting to see how this will all pan out. what i love most about headlines, speculation & rumors is the end result once the dust has settled. of all the names listed & whispered as speculated dior replacements, simons was not one but in all fairness, would be an interesting choice to say the least. with noted beginnings of unconvention; im incredibly excited to see how raf will balance with the refined reputation that is dior in the new year.

as a resident of antwep, belgium- raf completely embodies the radical, refreshing design heritage of antwerp & i cannot even imagine the possibilities that could blossom with him being secured at christian dior. it’s very fucking exciting, this news. of course, at time of press WWD did not manage to reach dior for further confirmation on these reports but the information that was provided by the said source is too specific to be ignored. within the report by WWD, they note galliano’s ‘epic, romantic inspirations’ & contrast them to raf’s ‘predilection for minimalism and futurism’ while noting a recent design interest reflected in raf’s recent work which almost outline a segue & connection between dior as a house & simons as a designer. furthermore, raf was also among the candidates to creatively head up both céline & yves saint laurent, two roles which had the fashion media in a frenzy respectively in the past three years. with as long as this deal has taken to come to light, im glad that dior, as a house; is taking the necessary steps to securing the right designer to resurrect what has seemed like a disrupted design dream. [source]