by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – floored- that’s what i was, instantly, when seeing the 2012 pre-fall collection by phillip lim. reported to be inspired by V for vendetta & sin city; the collection by lim was without a doubt, a lively & action packed set of modernity. incredibly restricted silhouettes were contrasted with bold design statements in the form of graphic knits that read words that signaled lim’s comic inspiration. in palette, the collection was heavily based on reds, oranges & use of black was contrasted with that. speckled wool pieces were seen & allowed the collections designs to resonate with a deeper, much more classical appeal. sickening coats, sleek footwear, dope bags- everything in this collection screamed style & appealed to me on every level.

overall, the collection played to the tune of my minimalist heart & clean lines rules the silhouettes in a timeless manner that will surely carry consumers through the years, far beyond the parameters of the 2012 pre-fall season. athletic in some respects, the collection possessed a sense of vintage appeal in my eyes. inclusion of accessories was a highlight as i have been completely obsessed with the bag seen in look no 9 & 28. bordering masculine & feminine, the designs were androgynous in a way while slight aspects like sheer or, of course, the heels drew the line a tad bit more clear. from start to finish i loved each & every look in this set. lim shines like a superstar designer & fashion veteran for the pre-season. with that said, im expecting him to pull out the big guns, conceptually, when show season rolls around, come february. a collection of strength & beautiful execution. a standing style ovation to lim, very happy with what he presented.

furthermore, i feel as though designers like lim, along with a few others in new york, are completely resurfacing the reputation of american design. seemingly influenced by european design & new school methods of design innovation through, well, skill- there exists this group of young men in new york that are changing the market. those designers will be focused upon & mentioned at greater lengths over the course of the next year, here. i wanted to make apparent my love for lim’s work, as a new york based designer, very clear & as a supplement to my remarks about american fashion in my most recent video fashion report. what america & americans represent is opportunity & the fight for the best & oddly enough, this new crop of designers isn’t exactly your typical image of what we, as americans, would associate with the ‘all-american’ image. one collection at a time, it should not go without saying that designers like lim are making history in front of our very eyes in represented what american is, diversified. [source]