by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – to balance the depths of color used by other designers in the fall season, thakoon stayed in his own lane by creating a young & refreshing set of milky tones for the 2012 pre-season. soft & young, the collection was a light take on the pre-fall as hemlines were curiously high. taking into consideration that the pre-fall is a bit of a segue season, stylistically, for consumers- the most appealing aspect at first glance was the powered palette. beautifully shot collection images seen the set of looks against a high end interior while the model was seen in multi-colored lips from shot to shot. while some pieces didn’t seem very functional, i couldn’t help but question other aspects. the gathered waists & some of the silhouettes of the dresses were unattractive to me.

the shapes within this collection were interesting; when not completely strict, they appeared exaggerated & with extensive volume. i liked the designs of the collection but when taking a closer look, i was not as impressed with the choice of textile, some of the striping details & some of the dress designs just seemed a bit lackluster. all in all, the collection housed a number of looks that i either absolutely loved or didn’t care for entirely. as seen in my other pre-fall collection picks, i tend to go for more lean designs, being constantly attracted to clean lines & refined concepts. i loved the outerwear from this collection & appreciated the beauty elements that were captured, completely. the sliced blazer was a no for me, while the cable knit blazer was a go. i liked that thakoon attempted to revise some of his own style standard by doing two-toned textile pieces, like the grey knitwear sleeved dress or the multi-layered sweaters. an ambitious attempt for sure, the collection sparks my style interest just enough. while some areas could stand to be fine tuned, i acknowledge that this is the pre-season & that some efforts are kept in aside for show season. striking in presentation & powerful through use of details, the collection is cohesive & well executed.

though some aspects of this collection from thakoon weren’t my favorite, i do value him as a designer contributing to a radical revision to the american fashion sector. one of just a handful, thakoon has made a name for himself as designers should & has my respect as an artist. his approach to design is completely refreshing & embodies new minimalism perfectly. as an active piece of the puzzle to re-creating fashion classics in the overly aggressive new york fashion scene, i highly value his work as some of the best in america, as well as the fashion industry. even as a developing designer, one that is still not as established as other american labels, i feel as though thakoon is making larger, original contributions to the reshaping of america’s history through each of his collections. saluting with style, thakoon is that dude.  [source]