by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – what’s particularly impressive about the rachel zoe collections is the fact that you can see rachel zoe in every element. from her love of vintage silhouettes to box-structured handbags & oversized shades; its all designed perfectly. as a stylist zoe has made hollywood’s biggest & brightest stars into even brighter red carpet best dress list fixtures. rachel’s eye remains on-point for the pre-fall as yet another stellar collection is presented. for viewers of ‘the rachel zoe project’, zoe regularly gushes about things she loves while also wearing them on the show & viewers get a real sense, not only of rachel’s style, but for the style that rules her life. in speaking with WWD, rachel has said, “it’s about a lifestyle” & in the show you see rachel in her home, office & jet setting from london, paris, new york, milan & her home base of los angeles.

what i love about this collection, as well as many others of the past from zoe is the ability to see the full range of rachel’s incredible eye, as influenced by her travels, career & appreciation for dope style & good design. as a stylist whom has successfully transitioned to the role of designer, the zoe label is quickly grappling onto the fashion market with their range of not only clothes but footwear & handbags, which are presented unsuspectingly within the collection. every single aspect of the collection has evolved & been introduced to the market in a seamless way, the timing for both zoe & the market to make this intersection could not be any more perfect. the use of color in this collection is what keeps it fresh while also allowing it to remain relative to other collections, in terms of trend. slight use of print is seen while outerwear steals the show.

i was particularly impressed with the collections attention to tailoring; given the time zoe has had to learn the business, her newbie status shows nowhere in design or even in presentation. as a long time fashion spectator, i am consistently pleased with what rachel presents & creates with her collections. a strong collection overall & a great set for consumers both on the east & west coats. loved the collections footwear & use of fur as well as leather. as much as i love the collection look book images, im definitely looking forward to the days when rachel zoe will present on the runway & given the success of her collections thus far; doesn’t seem like those days are too far away. as an american designer, rachel embodies what it takes to become a pronounced fashion entity in todays market through superb execution & outstanding business approach. can’t wait for her fall collection. [source]