by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – himalayan inspiration filled the designs of jack mccollough & lazaro hernandez for the pre-fall. in a continued effort to re-establish good taste amidst designers in america, proenza schouler is definitely atop my list of favorites. of the more downtown cool labels in new york; jack & lazaro create such original collections each season. in the pre-season that effort is shown in nothing less than the stylized i’ve come to expect. it’s very interesting to see if labels use to pre-season to hint at a new direction or if they use it as a continuation for the direction we seen in the season prior. a small collection, in number, the pre-fall set by proenza is one of jaw dropping color & beautifully orchestrated contrast. unusually vibrant for the fall, it’s clear that designers are taking an electric approach to the FW12 season, even just in the pre-season.

modern silhouettes were seen, as outerwear played the headliner of design for this collection. powerful in design & strong through construction, everything about this pre-season effort screamed strength. minimal in many larger elements, despite their inspiration or choice in direction whether an opposition or conjoining of seasonal trends with other labels in the market, jack & lazaro both know how to balance the new with the expected, perfectly. one aspect i’ve come to love of the proenza schouler label is their eye for ill accessories. that aspect of the labels creative force was noticeably absent for the pre-season. whether the best is yet to come & they are preserving ammunition until show is one of many exciting elements to look forward to, im sure. in seasons past, i’ve been intensely obsessed with the labels PS1 bag & like to see a bit of design opposition from the labels old work in the form of diamond quilted stitching & use of fur with the few handbags that did manage to get photographed in this set.

overall, the collection presents a refreshing take fall fashion & im super excited to see what will be unveiled on the runway for new york fashion week. to reiterate, proenza schouler is one of my favorite labels in the american market. their eye for balancing modern & classic while also fusing the unconventional with the necessary is what keeps them in the upper echelon of my style psyche. founded in 2002, historically, the first ever collection by proenza schouler was bought, entirely; by barney’s. that feat is one that is unheard of in fashion’s incredibly competitive market; that buying power & belief from the industry is what keeps the label consistent & not only that, but relevant. a beautiful slice of design to hold us over until the madness of fashion week returns. come fall, i expect a killing for the fall.  [source]