by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – of the new school of fashion designers, you really see an emphasis on fusion. of my generation, you see a combination of numerous elements all tied together seamlessly. in high fashion, alexander wang is one of the greatest, young outstanding talents. his ability to take the traditional & supe it up with something ultra-modern is a true skill that not many possess. amidst all the designer & style fakes of new york city, shit, in american in general- wang is a true gem. his namesake label was launched in 2005, after he studied for only one year at parsons new school of design & then dropped out. originally from san francisco, wang had only been in new york for a year before he basically bum rushed the fashion game with his unique design eye & undeniable knack for downtown style. with internships at marc jacobs, teen vogue & involvement with derek lam, wang seems to be a seasoned eye after only a few years in the game. partnered with his own family to run his namesake label, alexander wang represents the essence of opportunity seen in taking risks. in 2008, alexander wang won the CFDA vogue fashion fund & thus created his officially entry into the upper tear of high fashion design. since that time, wang’s eye continues to develop & flourish in front of our very eyes as he deals in design greatness, flying a cut above all of new york city.

this pre-season, as fashion week looms, wang’s eye doesn’t flutter one bit, he is still as hungry as he’s ever been & it shows in the clothes. a unique mixture of formal wear, street chic pieces with a slice of both masculinity & femininity thrown in to balance one another, are all seen within this collection. kept cool in palette with a set of stoned greys, that later become contrasted with rusted red & squashed yellows- wang continues to redefine the definition of cool. as an american, i tend to look at the designers in new york much more different than those in the other fashion capitals of europe. i’ve been very open with my feelings of american fashion being watered down, or of lesser quality & to this i will again restate my opinion. it’s as if america is over saturated with too many influences, which ultimately just kills everything that is pure or even uniquely influenced. this pre-season, alexander want seemingly takes on a design direction that is a bit more restrictive, there’s something very academic about the collection, something very lean, strong & structured. there is a particularly unique amount of attention that is paid to tailoring, a element which is often only left for menswear. i like that even in combination with the collections use of strong lines, there exists this fragile moment of femininity toward the close, in the collections set of draped, body conscious dresses that seemed to act as an ode to fashion design queen of new york city, donna karan.

said to have been provoked in design to create ‘deceptive textures; wang opted for lots of sheer & some knitwear for the pre-fall season. i can always expect something interesting from wang, whether i understand the vision at first or not. responsive as an artist, there is an element of surprise & you get the unexpected when look at his collections. already a fully functioning design label in the force of fashion, wang kills it & hard even in the pre-season. it will definitely be interesting to see if his FW13 collection presented in new york, this february will play to the tune of this set or if an entirely new set of design will be presented. an inspiring set, if any, for the new york fashion scene. looks like wang will continue to win.  [source]