by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – there is a thin line between popularity & overexposure. in the world of design, fashion houses rise & fall but sitting comfortably on the top fashion tier is givenchy. with a rich history etched in hollywood with film legends like audrey hepburn, the modern takeover we’ve seen from the house of givenchy is truly remarkable. from costume film credits & academy award winning style to transexuals multi-ethnic model casts & albino models- givenchy is truly a front runner in the world of high fashion. just about every single givenchy runway look is duplicated by fast fashion faster than you can say ‘runway’. whether it’s rottweiler t-shirts or a leopard printed three piece suit- everything ricardo tisci creates through givenchy is grabbed, eaten & consumed by the market. i’ll admit; the rap name drops, the constant outfitting of kanye west in givenchy- though great, it does seem to take away from the labels luxury appeal. the point of luxury is exclusivity & if everyone is grabbing at it, everyone can attain it- the luxe losses it’s appeal. it goes from class to mass & in the masses becomes trash. it’s odd because we all want things we love to become popular, but when they do, at least for me, they become a bit unattractive or less appealing.

as popularized as the house of givenchy has become for the non-fashion heads who claim to love it, only because they’ve seen it on kanye west- i approaced this pre-fall collection with hesitation. but, much like seasons prior; tisci again delivers a remarkable set filled with modernized design & an evolved direction in comparison to last season. of the greatest design talents in fashion today, tisci has mastered the art of reinvention. each season is always fresh, inspired & beautifully executed. never one to make his favorite girls a secret- joan smalls & lea t. appear in the pre-season lookbook along with brazilian model, caroline trentini. architectual lines & bold palette notes rule the collection as some use of leather are seen. accessories have an extended presence in the collection as chainlink handbags, sunglasses, hats & heels are all cohesively threaded throughout. acting as a fitting segue form last season, what i respect of tisci is his ability to gradually evolve from season to season while not agitating givenchy clientele interests to any length.

with similar use of print, illustration & architectual design lines; this pre-fall set is a usually strong collection considering the pre-season. im anxiously anticipating tisci’s direction for the FW12/13 season, but am doubly excited for what he will unveil for the couture season which follows men’s fashion week, this month. the strict lines & androgynous silhouettes, this collection is what i had expected from givenchy & i value the level of consistency that is delivered from the house each season. i don’t often wish overexposure to anything i love, rather, i hope that it remains in a space of exclusivity where people with true style & true knowledge of fashion & design can discuss & appreciate it. everytime i see images being posted on tumblr, or facebook of the givenchy collections, especially those that are two seasons late- i role my eyes. that said, this collection is a beautiful graduation of season’s past & im expecting tisci to raise the bar for the fall show season. [source]