by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – surprisingly, the FW12 menswear collection from alexander mcqueen was presented off runway in this chic little look book. two male models of color were seen outfitted in the collection look book, which boasted a bit of british fashion formality. one aspect which i’ve never understood about the mcqueen menswear label, even when lee mcqueen himself was alive, was the lack of showmanship that was seen. there’s a certain level of creativity that is seen in the womenswear collections that is not seen in their menswear, which i find completely disappointing, one dimensional &  quite frankly, i find it annoying. all annoyances aside, perhaps style experimentation is not the best thing for the menswear market when trying to remain profitable in such a competitive industry. this season, in terms of wearability, the collection is filled with handsome looks that merge new shit with the classics.

the collection seemed to play it safe with a navy, maroon plum & white palette. there was slight experimentation, though nothing to the mcqueen standard, that was seen in the collections dipped plaids & some of the collections use of print. slight use of rose floral embroidery was seen on a few pieces, though nothing in the set was groundbreaking by any means. from my appreciation of the models of color casting, to my nod of wearability, i wouldnt be surprised if the mcqueen label phased out their menswear in the nex few seasons. while i have been impressed by the labels McQ diffusion line, there seems to be a greater creative direction in other mcqueen lines but no focus is being placed on the menswear. going solely off of my own opinion from what is seen as a final result during show season, im hoping that this will somehow shift & there will be a resurgence of men’s design for the british based label. i will be looking for at least a thread of design relativity between this collection & what will be presented for the label’s womenswear collection, though im sure the female take will be turned up by a few notches. [source]