by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – just like i said of givenchy with their pre-fall collection, im so hesitant to look at collections by givenchy. perhaps it’s me not being content with knowing that whatever the house is going to present will be completely played out for the next two years or maybe it’s the anti-enthusiasm i feel knowing that everyone else is looking at the collection too. i appreciate exclusivity as much as the next bitch & though i applaud ricardo tisci’s efforts in revitalizing the houses image in the present, im much more content with looking at high fashion without rolling my eyes when someone else posts about givenchy on their twitter, facebook or tumblr. of course, as large as the house of givenchy is, it’s almost an obligation to look at the collection. it’s like you’ll somehow be left behind. which isn’t something you exactly aim for when you pride yourself on being well aware of high fashion happenings. that said, again, tisci came out shining like a star this season.

what’s incredibly interesting is tisci’s attempts to further blur the lines of gender through style. i usually don’t like that designers will put womenswear on the runways of men’s fashion week; it’s like men can never truly have an individualized spotlight. but, of course, the rules can be bent when tisci puts joan smalls on the runway. overall, the collection hosted the collection hosted a deep palette of purple, navy with bouts of contrast red, orange, blue, brown & black. horizontal stripes were seen sprayed across the collection as stars were the design element of choice for this season. as tacky & typical as stars sound, what i loved about the few starred pieces was that each embellished star appeared to be of some sort of stone. the embellished star collars were the most beautiful element of the collection & actually got me super excited for couture season which is looming at the close of this month. male leggings, intricate footwear & models on the runway with nose ornamentation allowed the collection to standout among the rest. givenchy continues to slay all other competitors as tisci remarkably delivers with sharp execution each & every season. oddly inspired by mintaurs & the american flag, the inspiration of the collection was well translated & cohesion was never less than stellar at any point during the runway show. male models in skirts, transgendered models, nose ornamentation & inspiration of creatures of greek mythology- as crazy as all that sounds, it’s all well developed in a commercialized set of clothes seamlessly. another round of applause is in order for tisci who remains high fashion’s biggest & brightest. now bring on the couture! [source]