by Jeremy Danté

exceptionally impressive, prabal gurung pulled out the conceptual cannons for his spring collection in new york last year. the direction taken by prabal for the spring campaign season sees the designer establishing his modern design presence even further in the high end realm. starring model vixen, candice swanepoel, daniel jackson takes photographic credit for the astounding images you see so beautifully sprawled here. the collection was filled to the brim with ropes & flowers & those concepts are captured stunningly in these images. candice contwarted ever so chic, the images are a clear standout this campaign season as many other designers have opted for commercial beauty or the same ass ‘edge’ that we’re used to seeing.  vivid in color & consistent in direction, the images give life to the collection, which was already a beast on the runways of new york fashion week. the collection’s florals? inspired by japanese photographer & contemporary artist, nobuyoshi araki’s ‘sensual flowers’  art series were created in collaboration with a print maker based out of london. those prints- the most stunning of all the new york presented collection, without a doubt. what i love about gurung is his fearlessness to approach fashion in an over the top, almost experimental form. more commonly, from what we’ve seen in the american market, designers seem to favor a watered down direction so to speak, clearly different from what is presented on the runways of london, paris & milan. gurung is an added design dimension in this region & for that, which i value, greatly.

was very surprised that this campaign was shot in this manner- it’s bold, modern & in your face but not in a way that uses shock value or over sexualized imagery to convey that message- it’s purely striking. the model, swanepoel, is easily one of the sexiest females currently fresh on the scene. while that aura of sexy is felt, it’s not done so in an obvious way; it’s more unsuspecting. usually a blonde, candice appears with black hair & is armed with a chic dark lip, a look that i am currently obsessing over. the dresses, the heels- it’s all focused upon very well. attention is drawn to the right areas, respectively. through the lens of jackson; styling for the advertisment was done by tiina laakonen with hair & make-up by didier malige & hannah murray. each season, i always look for certain elements of opposition- how did the designer change things up? what elements from season’s prior were carried over? with campaigns i look for certain elements of glamour- how is image being used to draw relativity from design to branding presence? gurung is fast becoming a modern marvel, remaining in his own lane through incredible design & solid execution. with only two seasons of campaigns under his belt, as a designer, i loved that this season was much more light & feminine, while dark undertones were still greatly represented. last season’s campaign was darkly lit & shot on a greyed backdrop with windswept hair in full motion. this season, delicate elements of femininity are conveyed in a strong way that translates very well from model to photographic angle. a beautiful campaign, in fact, one of the best this spring. with recent news of gurung becoming the creative director of ICB, which is planning an expansion into the U.S. & europe, with plans to head up retail in the american fall of this year, with further plans to expand in the european market in 2013. seemingly hitting his stride with his namesake label & taking on a few other ventures in the process, gurung is no doubt a star well on the high fashion rise. [source]