by Jeremy Danté

currently making a campaign killing for the spring, gisele bündchen appears for the house of versace in lieu of the house making a major comeback in a number of avenues of fashion. shot in borrego springs, california; giovanni bianco lead as creative director for the campaign with joe mckenna & david bradshaw styling the advertisment image set. what i love of the collection, was it’s aquatic inspiration. those same beautiful elements of inspiration were well represented in the campaigns blue-blazed images. donatella versace was quoted explaing the inspiration of  the collection being the old versace meeting the new. the collection was filled with short hem lines, studded leather dresses & minimal designs with just the right amount of flash. donatella has definitely taken a juggernaut approach with the versace label over the course of the last few months. considering versace’s collaborations with H&M, the first locations of versace young opening, the casting of supermodel icon, cindy crawford’s daughter for the versace young campaign, the launch of an eyewear capsule collection, versace’s return to haute couture & the return of versace denim- the brand is clearly not playing any games. the casting of gisele for the brand’s latest campaign makes a bold statement. while the house has been known to favor the brazilian supermodel, this collection couldn’t have looked any better. the accessories, the dresses- all look sensational on gisele as ryan provides the right touch of masculinity, opposite of gisele. obsessed with the direction of this collection, as it relates to the collection.

there is a bit of photographic magic when gisele is seen. here, especially, her lean physique compliments the clothes perfectly as do barrett’s. the images from the campaign exude an inconspicuous sense of sexual appeal, what has historically been associated with the house of versace since it’s creation of 1978. furthermore, since the death of gianni versace during the 90’s, the house has become much more closely associated with exaggerated & flashy forms of femininity. as the fashion house that gave birth to the iconic supermodel era of the 90’s, the house of versace continues to flourish despite their being modern challenges in the now globalized industry that fashion has become. that said, i feel like they will rise to an all new level this year. never fearful of being over the top or too flashy, the house of versace stays true to their history.

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