by Jeremy Danté

shot by willy vanderperre, with styling by marie chaix, russian runway queen natasha poly is cast for the fourth advertising campaign for ultra-hip, new york based label, proenza schouler. as a campaign & editorial regular, i had expected a model like natasha poly to be cast for this campaign. her photographic presence, her effortless cool- i feel, mirrors that of proenza schouler, exactly. with production stacee roberts, the campaign takes on minimalist form against a woven backdrop, bamboo furnishings & is framed by a thick black border. as a collection the clothes presented on the runways of new york fashion week were inspired by mid-century road-stop architecture. also referred to as googie architecture, more specifially the architecture mentioned as inspiration is often cited as futuristic & inspired by space, car culture & the atomic ages. commonly used for motels, coffee houses & gas stations- this type of architecture was more commonly used during the 1940’s through the mid-1960’s. seattle’s space needle is considered a form of googie architecture, as is los angeles international airport & the iconic welcome to las vegas sign.

googie (gooh-ghee) inspiration understood, the collection embodies the essence of that form of architecture rather impressively. diversified through use of bold prints, color blocking & structured design lines- all the elements that stood out in the collection’s runway show are well conceptualized throughout the campaign. described as intended to be “luscious, refined…and not appearing to be what it really is” by the design duo, jack mccollough & lazaro hernandez have mastered the art of multi-dimensional design that merges thoughtful inspiration into a spree of other elements that are well represented from clothing, footwear & accessories. all those elements were beautifully captured for the spring season & the use of print fits well for the spring. stylistically, i love the campaign direction & can clearly feel the representation of that 50’s vibe in the images. strong execution & beautifully concepts from design to advertising.

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