by Jeremy Danté

it’s been exactly one month & twenty days since my last post here. i wanted to take some time to figure out my next move. over the course of the last two years, i have had a restrained flow of creativity. as an artist, environment is everything. with some changes entering the picture in my life, off screen; i feel as though a greater period of artistic expression & creative freedom is on the rise. in anticipation of these changes i wanted to create a break in content from old to new. through the years, my interests have become more refined & have transformed. while i’ve been lucky enough to build a stronger public presence, with the rise of the internet, my interests have been given a place on a global stage. to understand my perception is to see the value of my inspiration. as inspiration relates to & influences aspects of my overall approach, i find myself yearning for more valued expression in my own work. i thought to myself; how can i really live in the framework of – as an entity that bares my name, as a space that is really my story, in my words. what am i trying to say? what message am i looking to convey? as an artist, writer- shit, as an individual, how am i set apart? where do i fit categorically? personally, i am exactly the way i portray myself to be, digitally. for me, it’s not nor has it ever been about creating an image, it’s been about correctly expressing my actual self for you, my audience- my friends, my readers. i’ve spoken quite often about this conflict of real vs. fake & admittedly, i strive to set myself apart by reflecting & communicating in ways that are real. real in that, these aspects bridge gaps rather than creating them. much of my love for fashion has been strengthened in my need to build & create connections. connections that allow more broad understanding, rather than plotting false exclusivity that just mystifies audiences, rather than informing them. my own attraction to contrast is often highlighted by the concept of spectrum- whether opposite or the like. this is why you often see a natural highlight of combative perceptions- style vs. sound, light vs. dark, right vs. wrong & so on. in chronicling the major forces of fashion, i have been able to dissect the industry in ways that have allowed me to analyze how certain aspects rival one another, but also how they work hand in hand. in analyzing these high end forms of media, in this odd way, i’ve gotten to know myself in greater form. the largest aspect of success, in my opinion, of my entire digital project at is the fact that i am who i am in front of you, as i am when im nowhere to be seen. successfully, i have been able to reveal to you my deepest, truest sense of self.

in my life, amidst this on-going battle of contrast, i’ve searched for balance. in learning to identify balance, i have found that i exist at the intersection of so many things. an intersection that i have not been able to properly articulate or delve into, as greatly as i would have liked. with the few pieces of writing i have created in this space, i feel as though i have been strained in many ways- that i’ve lacked a certain air of breakthrough. approaching content cautiously, i have often asked myself, “is this high fashion enough?”, “how will my readers receive this?” – all these questions pounding my brain while none were being asked to reveal “how does this define jeremydante?”. my site was born after my own realization of drastic changes happening in the music industry. while i have struggled to adjust to these changes in my understanding of how music is produced & provided to the masses- i have looked to other art forms for inspiration. it’s in this transitory state that i have discovered even more creative depth within myself. perhaps this phase of my life is my moment of clarity, it’s me hitting my creative stride both as an individual & artist. over the course of the years that will follow, my writing & choice of content will evolve more greatly than you may be anticipating, more rapidly than you have expected. i have thought about this for quite some time, in an effort to not disrupt my current readership & audience. you, as the readers, have given my voice more power & greater visibility. you are a valued contributor to my success. i find it important to touch base with you to avoid any sense of disconnection. it’s incredibly important for me to use this platform i have created in ways that are enhancing value to elements that may have been overlooked or judged unfairly. that value has been realized more greatly, in the past few months. with changes happening all around me, evolution will be mirrored on screen through creative writing, assorted analysis & varied case studies. in addition to these new forms i will introduce, interviews with other creative forces, historical profiling as well as other features will be seen. it’s all intended to break even further the barrier for what blogging is & has been defined as. these ideas, as i will execute them, have not been done by any other in the form i will be executing them. believe me.

as a writer, my aim has always been to contrast the real & the fake. i’ve always aimed to find soul in places that others have written off as soul-less. i aim to humanize our fascination with celebrity culture, to uncover the high-end artistic value of fashion & it’s materialization. i aim to document & discuss, with you, the intersection of style & sound. i hope to hit a nerve with my audience, whom i value as a legion of creative forces inspired by varied aspects of art- both mainstream & independent. i find great value in my place here, on the internet, because i feel as though my voice represents that of the creative community. my natural gravitation to beauty, fame & style are not to be condemned or thought of as lesser. i  have concealed much of my mindset in fear that the game was not ready, but soon i realized- i can’t wait for anyone to be ready. i, myself, have always been ready & it’s up to me to lead the way in that direction; in these untouched territories. we’re all searching for this greater purpose, we all want to have a greater effect. in this phase of my life, as a writer, i hope to accomplish this in ways that have not been done within the confining definition of what a “blogger” is. while i still feel a responsibility to represent aspects of fashion, the responsibility i have to represent myself is far greater. i cannot imagine allowing you to see what i see while holding myself to a one-dimensional approach to content. this is not a fashion blog, i am not a blogger. this is art & i am a writer.