by Jeremy Danté


in the past few months that i’ve creatively rediscovered another dimension of myself, oprah winfrey has struck a nerve in me. her network & their way of producing television has not only changed the way we view the world, but it has changed the way we view ourselves. while i ramp up with new content, i assure you my dashboard, iphone & macbook are loaded with drafts, notated ideas, brainstorms & varied sources of inspiration. i wanted to share with you, in an effort to open your mind even wider, the effect of fashion as it relates to human curiosity. this piece, filmed by oprah winfrey for OWN, had that type of effect on me that cannot accurately be put into words. it was this still, calm- almost a reassuring sense of artistry that i felt. the docu-series visionaries takes you on a journey with some of the most brilliant, creative minds living today. when i heard tom ford was being filmed, i gasped & counted down the days until this episode aired. i find it very important for anyone interested in fashion & anyone appreciative of history to understand the power of tom ford. not power in the political fashion sense, not powerful from the PR tip- powerful as a designer, as an artist. tom ford, for me, was the first real designer i became interested in. my first big label obsession was with gucci- how sleek, modern & decadent the label was under the guidance of tom ford. tom taught me about aesthetic, he taught me about high-end appeal & how to sell sex. i invite you to share in this moment of creative clarity with tom ford in this intimate look at him, behind the scenes. watch, learn & love.