by Jeremy Danté


in my interactions with friends, i feel as though much of that interaction is conversation. i am constantly sharing & providing information on a number of platforms, using technology as a tool to educate. not even just to educate those interested, but to educate myself & excite others like myself who are hungry for information. i feel as though our modern times have allowed us a greater opportunity to take on self directed forms of education. whether creative or academic, we have the tools, its all in how we utilize them. for me, my work is heavily driven by research. i am constantly fact finding, researching & redefining the ways in which i communicate, which has allowed me to inspired in a much greater capacity. the music i listen to,  the ways i am attracted to images, the ways i am able to articulate how i am moved artistically by different elements is what separates me from others in this age of digital culture, more specifically in the blogosphere.

amidst this separation, i continue to look for other creatives like myself. the dialogue i am able to have with these creatives i find along my way is what is driving me in this new phase that i continue to refer to. the importance of this dialogue is what shapes & refines my vision, the ways i am able to quench my sense of expression. it’s my way of outwardly connecting with you, to provide a greater sense of art as it relates to culture & each of us as human beings. this interview with santigold is in that lane of dialogue. wide ranged in the discussion of artistic freedom, culture & how this culture differs from aspects of the past is exactly what i am looking to convey in my work, in my connection that directly correlates me to you. much like the piece i shared on tom ford, this is completely necessary for me to share in order to clarify my vision accurately.

santigold is a recording artist, producer & writer. hailing from philidelphia, santi ‘santigold’ white attended weleyan university as a double major in music & african-american studies. prior to her work as a recording artist, santigold worked at epic records in A&R (artist & repetoire) which seen her responsible for scouting & developing talent at the label. 2007 seen santigold stepping into the spotlight with her debut album which was critically acclaimed & allowed her to tour for two years, which she mentions in the above interview. santigold is recognized as an artists of the new school, blurring culture lines & fusing them with new, innovative sounds. awarded for her breakthrough contributions in music, santigold continues this effort with her sophomore album, master of my make-believe which is currently in stores.

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