by Jeremy Danté

IMAGE ANALYSIS:  through the lens of inez + vinoodh, gisele is given another opportunity to shine for the pages of french vogue. i was reminded of words spoken by olivier theyskens about elegance to another this past week. “there is an elegance that can be inherent, natural, personal: you put a trash bag on a certain girl, and she’s elegant. it’s a gift that is almost physical.” said theyskens as i began to contemplate my favorite models. often times, poise is what i often associate with star quality, or what others refer to as ‘the x factor’. very few beings in the realm of celebrity these days possess or are even aware of this concept.

gisele, however, is very aware. i feel as though there is a certain level of confidence a model must possess, there is an air of assurance the best models have within them. there is a greater understanding of how to not only be beautiful, but to exude that energy outwardly & on demand. it’s that energy. you feel that energy in performance & when done correctly, that energy is transferred through an executed vision. through much of my observations of models, working & not both represented as well as aspiring; many poorly judge the profession of modeling as an easy job. like every job, it has it’s demands. there is an innate ability that models must be aware of; some have to work at it, while others are born to do it.

there is a reason that fashion audiences, even those outside of fashion, clamor at gisele on the catwalks & on the magazine covers. that energy is present. i pulled this spread to analyze because i have an intense fascination with the concept of icons. gisele being one of the new era, she has this ability to grab you. grab you in the way of effortlessness- it’s a look, it’s the slight arch in her back, it’s the way she turns her head so the sunlight can properly hit her bone structure to put out the best shot. that is a skill. a skill, mind you, that not many possess. much like athletes, models too have physical instincts & know their bodies. they make flaws, flawless. i pulled the images of the editorial titled, “perfect girl” that most impacted me. gisele being from brazil, there is already a level of comfort she has when styled in swimwear & shot on location at the beach. styled by emmanuelle alt, editor-in-chief of french vogue, gisele is among the favorites of the EIC & her cover bookings at the magazine make that very clear. also serving as this month’s cover girl, gisele shines as we would expect of her. from the neon swimsuits to the last shot that is heavily shadowed- i am willing to bet that not many of us can make a watermelon look that chic. gisele continues to defy the age limitations & supposed self life for models. gisele  is that bitch & reigns supreme as one of the last supermodels.

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