by Jeremy Danté

IMAGE ANALYSIS: i thought to myself the other day, why is flesh tone considered the tone of flesh? everyone’s flesh is not that tone. i had this conversation just yesterday & then seen this spread for the june issue of chinese vogue. styled by nicoletta santoro & captured through the lens of sølve sundsbø- the spread embodies everything associated with summer. appearing beautiful as ever is doutzen kroes, whom i have always refered to as a real life barbie. considering the constant issue of race, which remains a mainstay in the discussion of fashion for us ethnic & of color, i thought about how color is represented. there is this constant tug & pull with what is considered beautiful. this spread captures the beauty of golden skin in high constrast, which i am more naturally drawn to. in my observations of editorial through the years; the use of light vs. dark is one of intense interest for me. the work of sølve sundsbø in particular is heavily based upon exaggeration of color- it’s enhanced, it’s beautiful. it’s bold, it represents an energy of visual attraction that is completely undeniable. it’s modern. combined with doutzen’s photographic presence & a little bit of johnson & johnson’s baby oil? the spread is flawless. when seeking editorial content to discuss, there is an element of beauty that has to be, in some ways, exaggerated or enhanced for me. i don’t want remedial, i want extreme- whether subtle or an overextension to the point where it’s almost too much. it’s these extremes that push the boundaries of what epitomizes photography; which in turn redefines this art form.

doutzen is one of my favorite models for her classic beauty. i always love seeing mothers come back into the fashion spotlight & straight murder it. i have this natural attraction to women who defy odds, who surprise you. in the past few years doutzen has been noticeably more commercial & understandably considering her type of beauty. i feel as though commercial model is what we can expect, high fashion & more specifically editorial is where experimentation lives- it’s in these forms of visualizing fashion that stars are made. there is a greater demand to perform, there is a greater need for the photographer to execute. obsessed with this spread, especially with summer solstice rapidly approaching. i praise this spread for it’s reflection of exaggerated beauty. as a child, it was my goal every summer to get as brown as i could. now being aware of the harm UV rays can cause im a bit more cautious but i have always thought it to be interesting the debate of light skin vs. dark skin. aside from it being a personal preference for most, it seems as though once gets more focus in the mainstream. this golden brown, darkened skin tone is the type of beauty i gravitate to, but not the only form of beauty i can identify. hands up for sundsbø, with this spread you killed it.

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