by Jeremy Danté

IMAGE ANALYSIS: my life revolves around moments of reaction. reaction to others, responses to inspiration- i have this natural push inside of me that makes me question things until i figure them out or decode certain elements of human tendency. every spare moment i have of silence, im thinking about words or ideas, people or places- figuratively & geographically. when i was young, i feel like i was always reading either vibe magazine or the source, would occasionally get my hands on word-up or right on! but vibe was special to me, in the 90’s their editorial content was what really resonated with me. though not as creatively impacted as i am by high fashion, in the present day, hip-hop was a different aesthetic than it is now. this was before blogs, before the internet was being used in the way it is used today. i would see the models in the pages & wondered “who is he?” or “who is that girl?”. maybe it’s an affect of being an american- that you need to properly identify everything, to give it a place. or that everything that is seen through a form of media just draws an automatic interest. still developing, i have just begun this internal dialogue.

i’ve always had this thing with names- i was always very good with names. i feel like i have always tried to have a better understanding of myself, what i want & who i am before anything else- during my childhood through my teenage years to now i have always looked for greater ways to define who i am. starting with my name, really building my name & beyond that a presence. there is so much energy that is associated with a name. i would tell my friends “oh, you remember that guy, he used to be in kindergarten with us” – none would remember. but for many of us, names are connected to presence which is connected to identity. for me, the power of my identity is one that has been thoughtfully realized. outside of knowing myself, my curiosity began to take fruition in that of other people- which directly correlates to my need to identify. even still, i go out of my way to identify someone or something & look for ways to acknowledge others. that tendency of mine has carried over into the work i’ve done here & is really a fragment of my personal being, it’s the person that i am. it’s funny because the thoughts i’ve been having lately have so easily connected with the editorial content that i have been seeing, providing greater reason for me to share & discuss with you.

sacha m’baye is a french male model, represented by select models in london, new madison in paris & why not models in milan. upon my first seeing him, which was on the runway of a calvin klein show the same human reaction i have to most individuals i have some level of interest in started to rise. i began to tweet if anyone could identify him, which is usually followed by a wave of research on my part to find out who this person is. they say art imitates life & for me that is beyond true, if ever there were such a thing. i thought it to be interesting, the character that sacha embodies in this visual series of work. shot by harley weir, with styling by raphael hirsch, this editorial is titled “don’t look now”, appearing for the third issue of used magazine. im not one to throw around the title of icon or to even label things iconic if they aren’t but there is a certain magnetic energy about sacha. while still earning his spot in fashion, for me & for many others whom faithfully read this blog, he is now easily identifiable. it’s almost intentional, in what appears to be an effort to create a greater sense of mystique, in turn generating more public interest for sacha with fashion audiences. the spread is thoughtful in it’s use of angle & heavy shadows through dimmed lighting. through the entire spread, sacha’s face is not shown clearly, until the end & even then it’s distorted by a gleam of sunlight which appears to peak through a door. with this concept of me being ‘the face of fashion blogging’, i have looked at the ways i communicate & how i represent myself. observing the ways that models are portrayed or discussed, it’s caused me to re-think how i am identifed. looking at how models or industry entities are identified; this has given way to my own self-actualization. which, of course, helps me understand where i am & how that connects as well as effects those around me. a little mystery never hurt nobody, in fact, it probably had only helped them. whether maintaining privacy or exciting general interest, the mystery is what pulls the true thinkers in & pushes the shallow away. go beyond the mystery, push to understand it.

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