by Jeremy Danté

im too fuckn real to be fake with this shit. much of my experience on the internet has seemed to be surrounded by this concept of a staged reality. as i have articulated many times before, i take every opportunity to reiterate things i feel necessary. for me, my public presence has always been about clearly defining my most accurate sense of self. allow me to reiterate- im too fuckn real to be fake about my shit. in my experience of digital culture, as a writer, ultimately a voice of the people; i have been able to connect & disconnect from many, many individuals. i have witnessed falsification to the greatest extent. from an industry level alongside individuals whom i had respect for to homegirls i’ve known since 6th grade- there is this insurmountable percentage of artificiality which is infecting our world. this infection has penetrated our culture & is now a lifestyle for some, an addiction for most. through social media, i have felt that i have been far too accessible. yes, i am a part of the people- but the key to my success in this capacity is due in large part to my need for disconnection. it’s these experiences that have allowed my voice to become more refined. not refined in the way that is much more elegant or sophisticated, but refined by reality. i can acknowledge fantasy through my own imaginative conquests to redefine beauty, but in this admiration of artificiality; i can still very well identify authenticity. from flaunted wealth to product placement- there exists this moment of reality that hits you so hard that it begins to stricken your heart & allows you to forcefully reject all things that fall below this standard of what is real. very recently, i had this moment of clarity. in all that we do, the displays in which we stage for the public, on the internet, this so-called connection of our ‘lives’ – how accurately does this reflect our actual exsistence? in my time, i have grown out of many friends, understanding that they were not adding to the path that was meant for me, eventually having to redirect my intentions elsewhere. growth never stops & we should not lessen ourselves for the benefit of others. in thinking of my voice here, the things we think about- the images we imagine, the ways in which we both, you & i, push to articulate how clothes look or the ways that we are trying to communicate a level of understanding for what defines a ‘supermodel’- it’s in these moments that i am connecting with you. it’s bigger than fashion, it’s greater than fantasy- it’s a human connection which makes things real. i have made it a point to avoid advertisments, despite the fact that many have approached me with the interest. why? because i don’t want to distract from my reality. that reality being what i share with you, ultimately the fantasy we associate with fashion. but still, amidst this fantasy- we continue to search for what’s real.

in growing up, i have often tried to hold onto elements of my past. whether these elements were interests & individuals, i have learned to cope with that loneliness. that loneliness being a method of acknowledgement that your path is separate, perhaps even greater than those with whom you coexist. it’s in these moments that i have grown up, learning to let it go, only discovering that my violent attempts to hold on are what was causing me pain. understanding that letting go was the freedom that i was ultimately seeking all along. creatively, much of my work mirrors happenings of my personal life. my views, my opinion- it’s all my individualistic view of the world. a view which i share with you. overtime, i have felt greater responsibility to raise the bar, to allow the content to evolve. to act in fearlessness. fearlessness to go there, to be in that space of intellectual depth that has not yet been explored by others on this platform. this idea of responsibility; this concept of expectation to deliver something of value- that is what makes me a leader. it’s these thoughts that make me real, it’s that aspect of reality that makes me valuable to you. not as a departure from you, but as a part of you. no one gives a fuck about what you wore, where you ate dinner or how many G’s you dropped on your car- if it’s not real, it’s not valid. it’s all irrelevant if there is no thought behind it, everything is nothing without heart. it takes heart to connect. it’s heart that drives passion, which allows doors to open, windows to slam- it’s what turns concrete into platinum. reality allows you to feel connected, understood- valued. it is in these moments of reality that i have delt with you; that i have understood not only my value but the value of you in the process. whether you’re chasing celebrity or dreams that seem too far to reach- i have come to inspire that. when others have made you feel lesser or made you feel inadequate- it’s my words which will add a new dimension to those thoughts. when others describe trend, i’ll open your eyes to see how those trends have always existed & where they’ve derived. there is far too much bullshit in this world- all i am trying to do is to open your mind, allow your eyes to visualize what the others have made you blind to. thank you for reading & responding to my work, for loving & supporting what i do.