by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – the way in which the london men’s collections were shown, it was as if the collections were slowly building up to the main even of menswear taking place in milan & paris. when magaret howell, you can see the progression of style & why i wanted to continue with this collection. launched in 2008, christopher raeburn set out inspired by ethnically-aware issues to create menswear & womenswear in that lane. known for military influence in his designs, raeburn is a designer who allows functionality & intellegence to be felt in his clothes. a graduate of the royal college of art, raeburn is noted as a recipient of a british fashion award, being recognized as an emerging talent in menswear. with slated collaborations with iconic outwear brand moncler, raeburn continues to build a reputation in the field of menswear that is not to be ignored.

this season, his collection is based beautifully in his ability to take functionality & fuse it with style. i loved the collections jackets most in this collection. it had that outdoors feel but could resonate with city slickers as well. as an early sight of trend, the revisiting of 90’s styling is ever present in this collection. from the relaxed silhouettes to use of washed out tones- it was all done delicately as an amplification of that raeburn design signature. with a diversified model cast, i admired the expansion of style that london has represented this season. thinking of london, i think over the top & this season i wanted to speak about designers who have taken another direction of style. one that is perhaps much more commercialized than many other brits on the international fashion scene. mindful of style with intent to review collections in a climactic order, raeburn’s spring effort is fair & packs a significant punch when weighed against the other collections shown from london this season. as an early indicator for reviews, this collection is among the first this season to showcase the trend of metallic outerwear. [source]