by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – the break in the fashion calendar initiated by the fleet of london men’s collections was one that birthed a much needed jolt of excitement in me. in the past two seasons fashion has seemed to be dull or flat in my opinion, but this season the energy felt a little different. the first collection i responded to was that of margaret howell. howell has been noted on the fashion scene for four decades, after her line was launched in 1972. originating in south east london, the margaret howell label has remained tried & true in it’s creation of solid design. inspired by authenticity which she often finds in nature, people & places, howell enjoys pulling threads of british tradition, quality & skill together in her clothes. she believes, “clothes are meant to be worn in the real world, where good design is about living with thoughtful style”. with a range of design goods in both menswear & womenswear as well as home decor, howell is a style connoisseur. a connoisseur in that, the collection is not overwhelmingly experimental or too over the top, like many british designers seem to be these days. this seasons collection was subdued & classically boyish with a light energy that is often associated with the spring. casual & cool, the collection is a appealing to my own personal style & is a complete fit for a wide range of consumers in the fashion market. from the jackets to the shades of blue throughout, the collection is a fitting opening for my spring menswear coverage in that it’s not an overextension; it’s simple & faultess. while little innovation is demonstrated in the collection, i admire the simplicity. [source]