by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – ranked as one of my top 10 best womenswear collections of last season, i always love to see how certain brands have shifted gears or are expanding their new design presence from season to season. it’s this form of spectating that allows us, as fashion conscious consumers, to become much more appreciative of the journey in which certain designers at certain labels have made. this connects with us on a greater level that far exceeds the realm of just ‘selling’ clothes. i love this idea of resurrected labels with history booked legacies. belstaff is one of those labels. in contrast, as mentioned in prior write ups about belstaff- burberry is also a label that has seemed to become fully resurrected & is currently at the top of their game as a british label. another aspect of high fashion i love is the span in which inspiration & influence penetrates into one label, furthermore infecting other labels in the process.

belstaff’s current creative director, martin cooper, was once 16 year burberry employee. cooper decided to allow belstaff to tap into it’s roots which date back to 1924. a set of smoked out grey, dusted greens & cemented whites all meshed beautifully throughout the collections palette- which was styled to perfection. i feel like many london based companies take great pride in creating beautiful outerwear & this collection’s strength was definitely the jackets. from the belted waists to the popped collars- the mix of leather & suede in the collection were only elevated by additional levels of chic; when two-toned lapels made their cameos throughout the collection. i loved the use of knitwear, as subtle accents that set off the pants & only added to the focus of the sandals as well as the fleet of bags that were featured on the runway. overall, the collection did not look to flashy trends like metallics, which will be a huge trend well into the spring of 2013, instead the collection was reserved. a well rounded revitalization of branding image starting with what matters, the clothes, was represented with this menswear season at belstaff. i love sense of direction that the label is looking to take on. while the clothes are solid, the last time i’ve discussed a belstaff ad campaign was in 2009, maryna linchuk was cast. it goes without saying, the clothes are strong & we’re looking for an even stronger advertising edge to excite consumer interest even more. cooper- you’re kill’n ’em. [source]