by Jeremy Danté

MILAN – of all the labels in the land, prada is the ultimate trendsetter. while somethings may appear as confusing at first- consumers come around & so do the PR offices when it comes to miuccia. last season it was a satire of power that add comical relief to the the image of men in power. this season? vintage bowlers- or so it seemed to me at first glance. while we’ve seen retro prints, metallics & heavily embellished pieces from prada over the course of the last few seasons it was miuccia prada’s intention for everything to be reduced, simplified & basically muted. the lines that were fanciful last season became streamlined- it was complete cohesion from look to look. while some form of excitement was felt in the use of color, for the most part- it was flat. intentionally. there is a level of intellectuality that is produced in the prada collections, which has seemed to be the labels secret to successful trendsetting for many, many years. whether subdued or over the top with explosive concepts- prada keeps you on your toes. the markets look to the label to dictate their next move, intelligently. i love that prada totally draws you in- you wonder what they’ll show & when you least expect it- ah, something new. which is exactly what this collection felt like, even if minimalism is being produced by labels at lightening speed these days. how appropriate to follow this transformation of simple clothing for a high power label? how is this changing the game? is it? or is it just a simple mutation to conform to what direction is most popular? questions, yes. but answers?

striking forms of outlining of certain silhouettes were seen, i feel like defining these concepts as color blocking is far too, well, simple for the collection. through simplicity, the use of color was thoughtful. while other labels are pushing blinding metallics down the runway- prada been there & done that. it’s onto something new. i loved the rich palette notes of maroon & navy most- the use of beige, grey & black was almost expected. as most can tell you, i am often drawn to grey & naturally was in this collection. i expect to see these colors in a mens collection, but still- though my own expectation feel that prada always scores big points with me in that- it gets me thinking. i want to know, every season- what was she thinking. what message is she trying to convey? how has this shown a method of creative growth from last season to now? is this the future of fashion or a retelling of the past? so many questions & yet, it’s all objective. fashion is how you perceive it & prada makes you think. not just this season, but every season. [source]