by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – the spring collection by christopher kane is one that perfectly blends the opposite spectrums of both minimalism & maximalism. while i am very much the minimalist, i don’t think i will ever stop reminding you of that, i love the controlled aspects of maximalism that are seen in this collection. as a force in the design empire known as versace, christopher kane has been looked to by donatella to serve up fashion by way of youth for the versus sister collection. over the course of the last three years, through his association with donatella there has seemed to be a much more intense focus on kane as a designer- both at versace & apart from them. as we know, with what we’ve seen this season, versace is all about that over the top life. in every form- gaudy, gold & glittering- versace is opulence on a level all it’s own. kane understands this but has seemed to weigh his over the top work at versace with something much more streamlined. clean & handsome, this season’s menswear collection by kane is among my most favorite of the season & my most favorite men’s collections of recent day. i can’t remember when i loved a collection this much for it’s combination of two opposite extremes. from solid toned minimalism to the art inspired prints throughout- each & every look, i can picture on my body. which is surprising, given my tendency to dissect collections.

the collection was filled with beautiful elements of tropical prints that were created vividly. the balance of light & dark as well as what fits in between was well represented. much of high fashion is inspired by high art & this collection merges those two worlds perfectly. from the visibility of brush strokes to the choice of color that is so immaculately balanced with levels of simplicity & complex design. i could, literally, stare at this collection & gush over how beautifully executed this is, was & will always be in my mind. the perfect mixture of sophistication, casual style & creative thinking in the form of style. standing ovation for kane, who seems to really have come into his own as designer. im sure the evolution we are witnessing of christopher kane as a designer is one journey that we will learn to admire much more closely each & every season. still considerably new to the game, his namesake label was only launched in 2006, kane has displayed a thorough understanding of what best makes an impact through design. his modernized take on style, which i find is best represented through his menswear collections, is a sight to see every season. while i have not been as favorable of his work at versace, i do feel it necessary for him to share his vision with other labels in order to  completely fulfill his own creative journey as an artist in fashion design. a beautiful example of kane’s creative growth. among the best this season, inarguably. [source]