NEW YORK – an unending cool that is representative of street style often associated with new york is what comes to mind whenever alexander wang is mentioned. with his menswear collections now quickly scurring up the high fashion food chain, there is a certain element of street grime & high fashion minimalism that is executed expertly well when viewing wang’s collections. it’s that level of confidence that sees men rocking leather shorts & baseball caps in the spring- it’s unapologetically informal, beautifully athletic & irresistable dark. wang’s aesthetic signature is among the most profound in this new school of design talents that currently bringing the american fashion market back into greater design relevance. among the drab, boring & uninspired collections coming out of new york city & the american fashion scene- alexander wang is one of those names that immediately sparks a reel of images in your mind. you think leather, sleek lines & interesting concepts that make the odd, beautiful. there is always some form of awkward held in wang’s work- that’s the level of intrigue that sets him apart. it’s this indescribable cool factor.

wang’s not afraid to push the boundary or go beyond the limit to create something distinct & new. i love wang’s ability to be young. many of his inspirations are young, the music he chooses for his runway soundtracks- everything is always fresh. it’s street & provocatively so. i would love to see his menswear collections presented on the runways in paris; i think it would be an interesting balance for him to show a collection on the level he does his womenswear in new york. would love to see a male counterpart to the unending cool of his female line. much of his womenswear pieces have that same cocky nature or self assured energy which flows freely through his menswear designs as well. though small in number, the menswear collection packs a punch with incredible depth. as the collection images channel that street feel with the industrialized backdrop, the clothes draw their focus on layering.  thoughtfully styled, the pieces are simple but when created as full looks- the sense of style looking to be translated comes to life, completely. i expect to see greater development in wang’s menswear design ventures & hope that what he does for guys will someone balance out or slightly equal to what he does & has done for women. [source]