by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – as an extension of the informality felt in the alexander wang menswear mainline, the T collections are again, in that lane of the irresistably cool. i love that so much of wang’s design approach seems to be derived from the school of thought that you can just throw the pieces on. it’s almost as if the clothes are wearing you, but thoughtfully so- the clothes wouldn’t be on your body unless you were at a certain level of style conciousness. i find it interesting to observe the ways that designers differentiate their mainlines from their moderately priced diffusion collections. the difference can be measured for wang’s collections in my choice to review them one after the other. as seen, the main difference is the palette from the mainline to the diffusion collection. wang’s T collections are normally much more light than his mainline. the trend of neon for the spring 2013 season, is evident in this collection & differs from the heavy black palette of wang’s mainline. outside of palette differences, the collection essentially follow the same form of silhouette & successfully allow the diffusion line to imitate what we love so greatly about it’s counterpart.

i admire the athleticism reflected in the design of the T collection & recognize that there is a focus on simplicity as well as an emphasis on knitwear. one aspect i respect about wang’s business approach is the fact that he seems to possess an understanding of the business through all of it’s corporate infra-structures. through the expansion of fashion as dominating global business, many designers crack under the pressure as their collections seem to focus less on style & more about the need to sell. wang showcases his connection with the street & continues to blaze trails while representing what it takes to truly make it in the fast pace, globalized world of high end fashion. as always, the T collection represents the casual style that has made wang a star & incorporates some of the design elements from his mainline. from his mainline to the diffusion line, though differences are noted, there is still complete cohesion in an overall branding & styling image sense. job well done & fitting for spring. [source]