by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – impeccably chic & meticulos was the hermès menswear collection of the summer/spring 2013 season. i was surprised to see the inclusion of neons but was ultimately pleased with the execution of handsome tailoring & beautifully clean styling. much like my love for the valentino menswear collection this season, i was intensely responsive to what was seen from hermès for the spring. menswear creative director, véronique nichanian did an outstanding job interpreting modern masculinity while allowing a casual feel, often associated with spring, to be felt. for menswear, as funny as it sounds, im much more attracted to collections that provide that energy of ‘boy’ rather than some of the more theatrical or experimental. im all for a good show but at the end of the day, i feel as though consumers want & more importantly need something of simplicity. of all the chaos in the world, clothes should not be. the color story in this collection is where the real drama was executed. nichanian knows exactly who the hermès customer is- chic.

the ways that the collection was styled were beautiful- the lime against the taupe-browns? very fucking fresh. those bouts of rich teal at the show opening & how they became amplified with the white sneakers- flawless. the reds, the soft neutrals- the white. every man should be looking at this collection with the mindset of, “this is how modern men are dressing”. there were no gimmicks, just handsome inspiration with proven style essentials within this collection. hosted were a few bags but overall, the collection was streamlined & cohesive, despite the fact that so many colors were presented throughout the collection. tremendously inspired, this was an expert set of masculine style that doesn’t overwhelm you, it’s unendingly cool which appeals to a younger consumer base but is refined enough to draw in the established clientele of the hermès brand. with all of the shake-ups that have happened in fashion, i love that hermès never seems disrupted. there is a self assured energy about the label that is so distinct. again, this collection & the valentino SS13 menswear collection are my favorites. while i liked others, no other appeal to my own personal taste & preference for style like this collection. it’s so simple & striking, beautifully done. [source]