by Jeremy Danté

WHAT YO’ NAME IZ? linn arvidsson, julier bugge, hirschy hirschefelder,
juliet ingleby, anniek kortleve, rosie tapner

steven meisel delivers the fall balenciaga aesthetic on a windswept sandy shore this campaign season. as one of the most interesting labels to watch, i loved this collection & praised it as one my top 10 best last fall. much like my commentary on the valentino campaign, i would’ve absolutely loved to see more faces of color in this campaign. as one of the coolest collections this fall, it seems as though the ultra-hip, intergalactic direction of the fall season at balenciaga is being contrasted to a much more classical backdrop. nautical? not exactly. refreshing? not really. confusing? uhh, yeah. one thing that i cant stand is a confusing campaign. especially when the actual collection covers all bases of chic & innovation. i have long appreciated the current era of balenciaga, which has been created in the vision of nicolas ghesquière. as the label’s creative director, ghesquière has seamlessly fused the necessary modernization while preserving the legacy of the historic french fashion house. ghesquière has an incredible ability to take some of the houses most creative elements & re-introducing them to today’s fashion market.

this collection, for the fall, was like new age office wardrobe with galactic, teenage sweaters. delicate but powerful through design details, the campaign encompasses all of the collections most vivid looks. most feminine was the use of sheer, which completely blew the rest of the seasonal trends out of the water. as irresistable as they are, those space age sweaters make their expected cameo as well as the backdrop serves as a fitting contrast when you really close in on the entire advertising image set as a whole. the way the collection harps on silhouette is well captured in the campaign, as the uneven fencing seems to mimic the mind warp of feminine shapes that were presented. as one of the strongest labels in terms of sales & statistics- the house of balenciaga has successfully changed the format of what beauty is in a high end setting. the ways in which fashion as an industry is promoting beauty, is heavily based on what we can simply define as awkward. though awkward & likely with intent, i still feel that a much more commercialized framing of beauty could’ve been projected better through imagery. though i understand the angle of beauty looking to be represented between models & clothes, i definitely had envisioned something much more progressive rather than mind dulling. this campaign does not do the collection justice, by any means. while it serves it’s purpose, it does so through mediocrity.

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