by Jeremy Danté

innovation down to thread, proenza schouler is the epitome of modern style in the american fashion realm. who better to serve as the brand’s face in the lane modern style than meghan collison of next models ny? through the lens of alasdair meclellan, with styling my marie chaix meghan completely embodies the downtown cool proenza. with hair & make-up by paul hanlon & diane kendal, collison stuns with slightly undone hair, casual chic presence all set to a greyscaled theme. from the satin brocade dresses to the incredibly chic kimono-weaved-karate coats, this collection was identified as one of my favorite fall collections of the coming season. ultra-hip, stylistically fresh & powerfully detailed, the collection is one that represents the potential of american fashion for the future. i’ve always been fascinated by meghan’s look, considering the range of beauty that is now showcased in the world of high fashion. i am naturally drawn to natural beauty, but recognize that fashion is more about what men & women can be transformed into in these days. models are expected to serve as interesting, rather than looking natural. interesting is, well, an interesting word to use when thinking of models on the scene today and through the 2000’s. language is powerful in every sense, it really shapes your level of understanding.

models today are described as interesting, but from a societal sense might be seen as odd or even ugly outside of fashion. in the golden era of modeling during the 90’s, models were born with naturally, extraordinary physical beauty. with the emergence and greater utilization of cosmetic surgery by men and women alike; the definition of natural has even been questioned when speaking on physical beauty or features you’re born with. what i find so beautiful of meghan collison is that she is a unique combination of natural beauty & those interesting features that have become so greatly in demand in high fashion. that hybrid combination of classic beauty with modern forms of beauty is what meghan exemplifies, which is truly beautiful. there couldn’t have been a more perfect face to fit the ultra-cool of proenza schouler & this campaign is among my favorites this season. included last season among the cast of prada’s spring campaign, collison continues her upward climb with this campaign and another campaign booking this season with moncler. with show season rapidly approaching, meghan will be scratching a few catwalks.

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