by Jeremy Danté

in 1993, a 19 year old kate moss changed the modeling game. created as the anti-supermodel, moss had been discovered 4 years prior by storm model management founder, sarah doukas at JFK airport in new york city. from then to now, moss epitomizes what true supermodels are. her public image has remained relevant through the years & this season, her career is still going strong with her appearance for italian luxury label, salvatore ferragamo. a dark, seductive edge- the campaign also features male model sean o’pry as well as karmen pedaru. that said, moss is the star. shot by mikael jansson, the campaign is served with a dark, seductive edge. moss appears stunning as ever, aged to perfection; while pedaru & o’pry play the field in the backdrop almost like fixtures being nearly eclipsed by kate’s star power.

while the campaign itself is not one of the best this season, i felt it necessary to bring about the level of consistency in which kate moss has been able to perform through the years in fashion. i find it interesting that she was discovered & crafted as the anti-supermodel in the 90’s, only to become the ultimate supermodel & now the standard for what ‘supermodels’ are in our modern times. girls move to new york in the droves each year looking to become the next kate moss & her name alone, holds weight. this season, like many others of the past, kate remains untouchable- landing three other campaigns in addition to this one. as the anti-supermodel, the era that kate ushered in has given way to a revitalized view of beauty, age and the level of demand of versatility from models across the globe. kate moss has blossomed in front of our eyes, debuting as a girl & championed as a woman- still working successfully. which im sure that will continue from many more seasons, years & decades to come.


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