by Jeremy Danté

candice swanepoel stars in the first ever brian atwood footwear campaign, through the lens of mert alas + marcus piggot. drenched in sexual overtones, the campaign is one of many new ventures that will allow the atwood name to gain more visibility. creatively directed by giovanni bianco, also starring one of my male model favorites, chad white; the campaign appears to be almost too sexy. seemingly taking a page out of the tom ford’s how-to-dominate-fashion handbook, candice appears in nothing but atwood heels & is practically swimming in men throughout the 48 second video advertisement. the print images of the campaign capture that same sexual vibe accurately, complete with blue lighting & shadowed silhouettes. it’s been reported that the atwood label is looking to expand in the next year, with stand alone stores & a handbag collection in the works. i love that we’re seeing much more movement on the advertising tip for footwear companies. expansion seems to be the name of the game when you think of brands like atwood, or jimmy choo. unlike choo, which has seemingly entered a space of cheapened style, atwood maintains the same stylistic, feminine, ultra-hip aesthetic season after season. overall, i expect this level of sexiness from brian atwood; the shoes are amazing & the campaign serves exactly in that lane. i will say, however, the campaign is tinged in what i would classify as expected sex appeal. the bare-assed, heels only theme is nothing new & much more innovation will be needed in order to successfully expand far greater beyond the footwear realm of the market. from his friendships with rachel zoe, to his publicized romances with nate burk & engagement to  the handsome, dr. jake deutsch- atwood as an individual is dripping in style, great taste & unending sex appeal. i would like to see advertising that is much more sophisticated in that respect; not something that forces sexual energy in ways we’ve seen before. though potential is something that is vivid with the atwood design empire in waiting, i crave greater effort. the concept is well executed, but stale in many forms.


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