by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – turning classical menswear on it’s head, valentino’s FW13 menswear collection is the catalyst for which my fashion writing hybernation has come to an end. bespoken is an artform not often shed light upon in our modern times of speed. fast fashion, fast food, hi-speed internet- we want everything now, none of us have patience. style & fashion in the present, more specifically in the luxury sector is trying to re-establish some of that sense of quality. valentino appears to be spearheading the movement & in the last few seasons has really raised the bar for what is expected of menswear. minimal at the surface, sophisticated to the core- the collection that was presented this season took many classic elements but fused them with construction & design techniques that add a modernized feel. from the inclusion of navy in the collection’s palette, to the continued use of camoflauge, which we seen from the label last season- everything that modern men should be lives in this collection. though classically boring for some, this is what expensive looks like. expensive being perceived as something of a physical essence more commonly associated with poise & elegance, as oppose to something you can’t afford. i stand on my feet in applause for both pierpaolo piccioli & maria grazia chiuri for their continued efforts & refining of true menswear. im only fuckn with shit i absolutely love & this collection i want to own, in it’s entirety. use of plaid kept it classic, those fuckn leather panels elevated it. rich tones of emerald & beautifully conceptualized leather outwear was enough to generate style convulsions all through my brain. love the attention to tailoring & the handsome use of of pattern, while not bordering too closely on the line that separates moderate from overkill. sophistication for the new school. [source]