by Jeremy Danté

everything in this life is a process. finding love for yourself, creating an image, deconstructing an insecurity or building a life that you have dreamed into a reality. i’ve learned in the past five years that nothing will happen before it’s time & with that said- i say, fuck every blog, every concept, every idea or structure that has ever existed on this site, in my mind & everywhere else. there is a certain type of surrendering that must take place in order for one to admit that all things are possible. it’s about challenging doubts in a way that will set them free thus allowing destiny to take it’s course. much of the work i’ve done here has allowed my mind to become one swirling cloud of beauty & darkness. the contrast of glamour & real life, from runway to runaway- the story of me will now be told through references, creative moments & sonic glimpses that exist not only in my heart but mind. for the past three years, following the heightened attention this site has received, i felt it necessary to break beyond the fashion calendar, or beyond the cycle of editorial & runway reports- which was so rapidly becoming my life. i felt it necessary to break away from this idea that i had become; to escape the expectation that others have of me & focus on the expectation i have of myself. beyond mechanical production or truthful representation of who i am in these moments- i haven’t done anything. in making a mark- we haven’t been seated yet- we haven’t received our menus, nor have drinks even been offered by the waitress. our nails haven’t been placed on the surface, with the intent to scratch. im not the dude that speaks on bullshit, and i’ve never believed in half stepping. i’ve always been about asking myself, ‘who am i?’ & then proceeding to find those answers in front of an audience, that’s who i am.

i’ve allowed myself to struggle with things, to questions things & to really learn as i go here. a great deal of what i do is heavily dictated by my own thoroughness & really understanding the methodology of that process. of course, as i build greater strength in execution, this structure is impossible to avoid. to clarify, what i mean in saying ‘fuck the structure’ is- fuck the idea that this can only be of fashion, or only of style- limitations are not what this space has ever been about. it’s about thinking so far beyond this so-called box that everything becomes relative through elements and moments that allow the greater picture of life to make itself clear. vivid questions are asked. if you think about it, answers themselves really exist in our questions. when one asks a question a certain amount of thought or attempted understanding lives there in those thoughts. this too is a process unto itself. in an effort to better communicate with you, i am aiming to evolve to a higher level of depth, to expose that level, so you can understand how i think. so you can see, even more clearly, where i’m coming from. which will create a stronger bond from me to you & will allow you fully appreciate the process, first– and then the direction. you can’t have one without the other. to understand the direction is to understand the process it took to get to that point. there is nothing worse than false judgement on the basis of what one does not understand. it all starts with an observation, an event or action i’ve witness in my real life. this life exists, apart from anything digital, it’s real. it’s raw- it’s reactionary, it has an affect. it’s what i have lived- hated or loved. it’s shaped the way i think, the way i feel- which leads me to thinking back to my own standard. this standard is founded on the answers to the questions i am constantly asking myself- how do i want to feel, how do i want to be felt, how do i want to look, how do both relate to who i am & how can they be made more personal to me and the ways i have learned of life. beyond art, all processes start with you. it’s your inner that is speaking to you, which allows you to understand the signs put in front of you, in the world around you. you have to be strong enough to say, this is where i stand, this is what i think- this is how it should be. these are the thoughts of a leader, nothing is more important. a certain amount of emphasis is placed upon individuals who are charitable, in our world. this is great. but none of that charitable work can be done with someone who has not achieved a certain level of success within their own lives. im not talking about monetary success, though that correlation is every bit as real & true as death. im talking about self awareness. it’s the same idea i keep bringing up about style being an outward reflection of who you are inward. these great moments of style- the way a model is moving her body, the way donna karan or stella mccartney, or diane von furstenburg understand the way clothes should fit a woman, as women. you can’t fix others if you haven’t fixed you. you can’t help someone to discover their own truth if you have not first dealt with yours. every single aspect of your independent life, where consequences directly affect you, start with  you.

in my head space, i always think about how people can relate. it can be something in advertising, something in editorial, something musical, something culturally- it can be anything, i have a natural tendency to relate everything to style. i just feel that things should look or feel a certain way. films should resonate with an emotion in certain ways for me, music should exist with an energy of beauty to me. if things around me don’t fit into this lane- i remove them. it’s about environment for me, all the time, everywhere i go. im always fixing something, improving something. questioning whether this is good, great & how it can be better. ideas are not the problem- vision is not the problem, in fact, these are the natural parts for me. the greater challenge is where to go with the idea, what part of the process comes next is often the question. for me, i immediately begin researching- in every form possible. enough is not enough for me, concerning information- you can always be smarter, better informed or even validated through sources of information. as a writer, this is especially important. google before you tweet is the new think before you speak- everyone is watching now. trust me when i tell you, you never know who’s watching. in my process- videos? i’m watching ’em. interviews- i’m notating. images? im pulling ’em. some ideas require more time than others, depending on how long you’ve been sitting back observing, and depending on how long you wish to do this. you have to look at timeline through an effort of organization, with the thought that the idea has to go somewhere. in the last year, you may recall my mentioning of greater observational skills. there came a moment, in my love for fashion where nothing was new once it hit newsstands. i know that this is a common thing for internet fashion kids these days, but there begins to lack a sense of wonder when you’re in this state. you see all the collections ahead of time, nothing is new or special because you rest on the cusp of exclusivity, living in a space before street dates, when the rest of the public will experience what you already have. this re-positioning of real time in our digital age is the after effects of the internet. when i started taking a better look at fashion, it opened my mind to a world of inspiration- everything was at your fingertips, you just had to find it. after collecting important information, historical information, after informational verification, clarification- i look for shit that sticks out, things that are interesting. things that surprise you, something i haven’t heard of. usually, as my body of writing starts to form, i build around these points. i think of sequence, what ways can i alter the way this has been said; how can i further translate in a unique form that allows language to build a bridge & break a barrier all the same? i question myself, i pose questions to the reader- i try to create an environment that welcomes new thought or refines the existing. it’s all a part of the process that i intend to carry forward to you as a reader- to push your mind to question things around you. to inspire greater aspects of quality or live-ability.

for me, the music, the girls, the clothes- style, street, chic, hood, classic- it’s all apart of me. i can identify with so many elements because i understand my connection to myself first. as i have spoken last week, on losing my way- i am absolutely certain that i will continue to inspire you to think in new ways. i will challenge what you have seen, what you know & in ways you may have not thought possible. i ask that you maintain your own truth and independence in this process, because inspiration affects everyone in different ways. that’s why it exists. i think of myself as inspiration personified; a collective of ideas that intends to provoke production, concepts and leads to more ideas. is it even about style at this point? i find it hard to narrow down the art of being you, of being an individual, in being unique- i find it difficult to narrow that down into one word. i find it difficult to narrow that down to a category, or a genre- an idea doesn’t even serve great enough for this life of discovering who you are. you can’t compartmentalize this process without the need to re-think. for this very reason, i chose to give this space my own name & in that, i decided to not only represent & be the difference, but to live in a realm of greater self distinction. i will be your inspiration. understand that being accepting of the fact that you can be regarded as the difference in any situation will come with struggles, or hardships. you’ll question yourself, lose & find yourself- but trust in that process, this is the path.