by Jeremy Danté

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through the lens of mariano vivanco, styled by beth fenton, cindy crawford appears for muse magazine. shot for the publication’s summer 2013 issue, cindy appears flawless as ever in my follow up post which praised her as the all american girl. what is particularly interesting about cindy and has remained interesting since her career began is her signature beauty mark. the mole was at first seen as a flaw by casting agent and modeling agencies but eventually became crawford’s industry distinction. the ability to turn a flaw into something beautiful is really where fashion and cultural impact live. while more individualized flaws like gapped teeth or awkward body language have now become glamorized, it’s nice to see cindy still killing it.

it appears that a comeback of the original supers is well underway. with naomi campbell and cindy still making waves editorially for the past four years, linda evangelista remains a favorite of photographers steven meisel and karl lagerfeld and has more recently began booking covers again. for the fall campaign season, christy turlington, who has been a long time contracted face for maybelline cosmetics, has reportedly shot a campaign for calvin kleing. this holds true to what i spoke of in the post prior to this one- true supermodels never die. while the industry has made a valiant effort to bring such females to the surface through manipulation of advertising and overall presence, its pretty safe to say that there will never be another 90’s supermodel moment for us. at least not for very, very long. while the original supers remain consistent, the new girls still have a lot to learn. perfect choice by vivanco, going with sepia- it adds a feel of classic that accentuates cindy’s place in fashion history.

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