by Jeremy Danté


following my necessary address of the lack of female faces of color in mainstream fashion media, ms. kerry washington continues to break barriers for us. as the first woman of color to star in a major network drama in the past 40 years, kerry washington’s role in the ABC series, ‘scandal’ has increased the female stars visibility on the scene. a fashion favorite whom frequents runway shows and is seen at the front row of vuitton is now transcending into a fashion media fixture. as movie stars have replaced models on magazine covers, kerry washington deserves the praise she is now receiving. her crisis management maven character olivia pope has significantly changed the ways in which mainstream audiences see black women on television. powerful, intelligent and strategic- the shonda rimes penned series is massive hit on television.

the first time we seen kerry was in the film, ‘save the last dance’, which was a huge hit when it came out. though kerry was not in a major starring role, her presence allowed her more visibility which led to other roles. i watched an interview with kerry washington from oprah’s next chapter and love the alignment that kerry was able to create between her character from ‘scandal’, olivia pope and her role in ‘django unchained’, where she played broomhilda von shaft. considering that django was a bit of a period piece and washington had to channel the emotional grit of slavery, washington went on to explain in the interview that olivia pope is really an embodiment of broomhilda’s prayer at present day. the exchange between washington and winfrey during that moment in the interview was powerfully emotional and it’s that connectivity and awareness that makes kerry washington a star. her ability to transcend from one role to the next is the reason why actresses like her should be on covers like this. she represents what is not represented nearly enough in fashion media, more so in media in general. what is that, you ask? strong, intelligent black women. while this might’ve seemed like a cover post that lists how much i love kerry washington, i want to reign in your focus closer to what the real objective of these covers will now take on. and that is a reflection of cultural trends, which outline necessary progress to our efforts as individuals of color. im hoping that kerry’s vogue cover is not far off from what elle has done here. ‘scandal’ is the most watched drama on a major network, and that is enough to move units on the vogue front.