by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – christopher kane is no stranger to thinking outside of the box. his sense of wonder in design has allowed him to work alongside industry legend donatella versace. for kane’s own namesake collection, a separate creative entity from his work with versace’s little sister line, versus; is one of strong visuals and high impact graphics. with the rise of the internet and the greater emergence of style within our digital age, the collection is a fitting blend of innovative concepts that provide a fresh sense to the future. while more conceptual than wearable in a commercial sense, the collection lives in the vein of kane’s envelope pushing aesthetics- which have been the number reason for his success in fashion. spring is based in simplicity- the weather gets warmer, skin becomes more exposed. that aspect of simplicity is shown in this collection which reads, ‘basics’ loud and clear. a controlled palette of black, white and grey was strongly lit with the use of red, blue and yellow. one aspect of high fashion that is now more prevalent is inter-seasonality. with global warming, seasons aren’t what they used to be and though basics are the foundation of this season’s collection, there is still an extension of creativity that lives in this set. while menswear is often times more of a lull in creativity in comparison to womenswear- the use of graphics removes this collection from a sense of normality and allows it to be seen as much more. as im expecting, menswear is often much more tough for me to review as a writer due to the onslaught of men’s style guidelines. obeying the boundary of those guidelines are what allow this collection to appeal to a greater mass market, but truth be told- if the graphics did not exist in this collection, this wouldn’t be much to look at. that said, the graphics are present, and the involvement of more progressive silhouettes might’ve been seen as overkill. yet and still we see vectored faces and dizzying, almost three dimensional prints which are way more interesting in the realm of menswear, and will likely be a standout this season, even if im calling it prematurely. i applaud kane’s vision and anticipate how his collection will remain on trend or if it will exist in it’s own lane, which could result in a win in both cases. strong execution based in a somewhat standard approach. not the best, but a fair showing overall.

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