by Jeremy Danté

LONDON – as a defender of british fashion in the present day, burberry is one of the most historic labels to come out of the UK. with christopher bailey holding tight to his vision and modernization of the label, yet again, this season we got was great execution. refined with a hint of boyish shyness, the collection played up to fall tones of bright color contrasts. burberry’s current visual guideline was never once off and the option to shop the collection instantly after it has been show offers a greater competitive edge from burberry. since that one season a few years back that they live streamed a fashion show on this site, they’ve continued their dominance in our new digital age. with serena williams and musical artist, tini tempah seated front row, bailey and the label appear to have a strong grasp on what the label can be and is, through flawless orchestration of press dominance, celebrity affiliation and unbridled creativity soaked in style simplicity. though great, the collection did not bring about any real sense of new or groundbreaking design, instead it was a continuation of what the label has already been doing. as we’ve seen in the international market, this is working for the label- so there’s nothing in need of fixing in that sense. what i loved most of the collection was the styling and comparative nature of certain colors within the palette, the opening look set that tone for me. the mix of camel coat with the grass green sweater and then that sky blue shirt with the red skinny tie and shoes to match; then the pop of yellow with the bag. what could be more perfect for spring? chris bailey is a fuckn boss. everything, atmospherically, was so greatly aligned with what burberry is- the sounds, the staging, styling- it was all done very well. the label will surely continue their path of greatness, and i am already expecting an even greater level of design dominance with their womenswear collection. this season onward, full runway shows will be embedded into each respective post, as footage becomes available. if you missed the livestream of the summer/spring 2014 burberry menswear runway, don’t trip- i got you.

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