by Jeremy Danté

MILAN – the spring 2014 season in menswear has brought about a new angle of vibrance for the house of fendi. as one of italy’s iconic labels, i’ve always rooted for them. i’ve always been drawn to fendi, remembering the first time i seen mary j. blige don a pair of white fendi shades on the cover of her 1997 release, share my world. i’ve long loved clean menswear, and this season that simplicity was well rounded with a powerful palette and imaginative runway set. the sand covered catwalk was perfectly conceptualized aside the ombré collection tops. perfectly styled, thoughtfully designed and in a way that is both commercially acceptable and desirable for real men. often times, considering the heavy restrictions society seems to place on menswear as a market and art form, labels to push the envelope to far to experiementation. though entertaining, to a certain degree, what real consumers need is great design with true function. the milky earth tones were contrasted well against the bursts of orange and yellow, which were weighed through balance of the use of deep plum. volcanic in some senses, the collection used leather in a few spots, and overall the vision of this collection was full. there was never a moment of imbalance, but at the same time, there was no sense of push. there were no challenges of perception, no challenge of creative nature- which fashion can be distracted from in most cases. while other collections might challenge more of how we view fashion, or style for men- this collection played it safe in the smartest of ways, creating a collection that was masculine, young and fresh. completely surprised at how well this collection showed, as i haven’t been as thrilled with fendi’s menswear collections for the past several years.


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