by Jeremy Danté

NEW YORK – as my milan round of collection reviews come to an end, i wanted to make a brief stop over in new york before i ramp up with the finale of men’s fashion week in paris. wang’s work at balenciaga has already begun developing, but i’ve been excited to see the aliance or departure between alexander wang and all the other fashion entities he’s balancing. what i love of the alexander wang design presence is that feel of casual, that feel of cool, of relaxed. it’s not this fussy type shit that other labels try and promote or create on the runway. part of the luxury of being a male in today’s world is to be able to just throw shit on. the alexander wang label and his menswear collections celebrate that casual-ity of male style. there’s an air of athelticism, combined with a downtown type of feel. the alexander wang menswear label has never deviated from what it has always been. theres almost an urban street wear flavor that wang’s menswear collections take on. when you see wang’s womenswear collections, you understand the crossover appeal of luxury, but the menswear label remains grounded. not grounded in the sense that it’s lacking success, but grounded in a way that keeps it real. i love that. the clothes represent that feel for me, and the subtlety of the details is what allows the clothes to move past that sense of regularity, or commonality. it’s the choice to do a leather collar, or the choice to add extra stitching to a pant. it’s clean, fresh & masculine- but not in a way that’s off-putting. it’s relatable and familiar. that’s what fashion and style should represent, a feel, a direction, an edge.

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