by Jeremy Danté

MILAN – with their trademark use of denim and over the top shows, dean and dan canten scored this season. always a sight to see on the runway, while the clothes don’t always exceed expectation, there is a signature style that is unabashedly represented each and every season without fail. while there are present visual signatures in their shows, i wonder if these concepts are actually just one note tricks that are intended to be camoflauged through production of the actual runway show. you seen the DSQUARED² expected elements- the eye wear, the distressed denim, the boots, the form fitting tops, great use of color. and while the season 2014 marking on the collection review is, yes, new- how new are these concepts? the collection was more of a stranded on an island theme. the models walked the runway with elements of utilitarian dripping from their every limb. the appearance of sunless tanner reminded me of past collections by dean and dan, but i was still entertained. i don’t know what’s worse, the fact that they create the same shit and present it differently, or the fact that it so sellable in that format. one cannot argue with a great style signature and DSQUARED² is a label that understands that. you’ll always see male bodies, casting will be strong, concepts will be something traditional yet newly stylized or revised. overall, the collection was great though nothing new. stunning show production and a great communication of a vision that relies heavily on the existing customer base to ensure success in the retail market. spring is all about print and this collection held great use of that. there was a range of more summer pieces, plus a few pieces that could easily segue you into the fall/winter seasons as well. great collection, but i see what y’all did and don’t think we didn’t notice y’all stayed on your old shit and tried to repurpose it as something new.


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