by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – valentino will always have a special place in my heart. no change in that hype this season. the idea of couture menswear is actually genius, especially since the longstanding tradition of such by reference of bespoke is now a dead aspect of the industry. pierpaolo piccioli and maria grazia chiuri have cited ‘couture as culture’ which plays up well to the angle of writing i’ve been shapeshifting into. the world of style is just that, it’s own world. it’s has it’s own language, it’s own set of players and most don’t understand how thorough this sense of culture is in fashion. while it’s easy for outsiders to look down on us, one cannot argue with great clothes, or dope style. the valentino collection represents much of that modernized approach, and it’s even that much more important in menswear because there seems to be such strict guidelines for what men can and cannot wear. the house of valentino brought fourth the powerful trend of camoflauge back into the trend stratosphere which rapidly dominated the trend market as soon as valentino walked the runway. this season, we see similar aesthetics to what was presented last season, and last season- the house of valentino was my absolute favorite menswear collection despite the fact that i was still on an extended runway review hiatus. through what appears as simplicity, reveals a greater level of complexity in design, and even deeper, in construction. it’s all in the details. details that cannot possibly be given the necessary amount of justice in either images or pictures. in an effort the cover the collection in a way that allows you the opportunity to objectively decide what you think of the collection, i’ve made every attempt to give you only what i have a feeling for, also making it a point to include video when footage is available. visit valentino.com to see the full runway show video and check back for footage to be added to this post once it becomes available in high resolution. a strong collection rooted in sophistication.

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