by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – i wouldn’t be surprised if people began wearing face paint in the streets just because ricardo tisci put it on the runway for the SS14 show season. technologically african, with a bit of native american in between is what i felt from the latest menswear collection by way of givenchy. a hands down favorite of mine in the luxury sector, i feel as though this collection is a segue into a new direction that ricardo is just beginning to introduce. as we’ve seen in the past several years since tisci was installed at the label, collections by the house remain relative or closely similar for years at a time. as the aesthetics prove to be successful in the market, the visuals or concepts become enhanced. casting is a huge factor for the house now, seeing as though actresses, stylists and relatively unknowns were cast for the same campaign. i think this is an interesting intersection of taste level for sure. the use of print was incredibly vivid. while i don’t particularly favor such use  of print in my own wardrobe, i understand the creative potential of such on the editorial circuit. which adds a level of excitement. that’s what is so dope about show season, you see what will be used for editorial, covers and advertisements before anything. that creative process, that unfolding of a vision is expanded and the market fully embraces it every time. this season, i will admit, im hesistant with these concepts. i do see potential for expansion of the vison, or the aesthetic, but i just don’t know if i like it. perhaps it’s a collection i’ll have to experience through editorial and through advertising. more to see, for sure, we shall see.


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