by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – i wanted to wait before the dior homme collection walked before i reviewed the kris van assche collection. i like to compare and contrast the differences or similarities in vision from one collection to the next, especially when the common factor is the creative director. what i love of the kris van assche collections is very similar to what i love of alexander wang’s menswear. the perfect follow up to my last review, i love that KVA is a true dude. with this collection, assche was quoted talking about how obsessed guys used to be with sportswear. he cited that these tend to be the best dressed men, adding that they have the best eye for detail. it reminded me of my childhood. all i wanted was something with the nike swoosh on it. i’ve probably mentioned this in passing before in some other post that i can’t exactly recall at the moment. i was in fifth grade and i had this nike pull over, it was navy with a white trim that was on the wrist cuffs, waist band and v-neck collar. i paired it with black jeans and a plain black t-shirt, had my hair gelled and slicked back, then had these ken griffey jr. nikes. i remember being slightly insecure that my black shirt was darker then my black denim pants. i remember going home every day after school and taking an old toothbrush, soap and warm water to my shoes to keep them as clean as possible. knowing that i only had one pair of shoes that i had to make last for the rest of the school year. it was paying attention to those details that allowed me to understand style, to understand the power of being meticulous, that’s what made me who i am. it lay the ground work for where we are now, here, in this space; speaking of fashion. it was nice to see kris reference that mentality with this collection, in his creative dialogue. that shit is real. when you look at nike, you see a real sense of detailed design going down- which is necessary. sportswear is a lifestyle for so many at this point. i love the idea of contrasting that sense of athleticism with polished formality that is often referenced in high fashion. it’s some next generation type shit, in a serious way. you see the blending of taste levels. i’ll let you decide about the collection yourself, but i thought it necessary to include this collection in my set of reviews for the SS14 menswear season; i love the pieces in the collection and even see some similar pieces to that nike pullover i rocked the fuck out of back in fifth grade. a strong collection of simplicity.

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