by Jeremy Danté

PARIS – commercialization is a bittersweet concept when concerning truth. as artists, it’s always about a balance. going back to the idea of truth, artists must stay true to their original vision. it’s an absolute must. the margiela label has seen greater commercialization in the last year, due to their involvement with powerhouse fast fashion retailer H&M. maison martin margiela is known in fashion for it’s curious concepts, innovative ideas and an approach to style that not many can understand, nor duplicate. it’s common for failing fashion brands to re-connect with the public in joining forces with H&M. it’s an attempt to commercialize and in a sad way, it’s as though the original margiela vision has become deluded. when looking at this SS14 menswear collection, you almost feel the pressure to sell. you see a completely regulated view of style. there was nothing spectacular or even inspired by this collection. it’s extremely sad to see that an original vision has been compromised. an industry rarity seems to have died and become a slave to commercialization and the pressures to sell in the globalized fashion market. while the collection wasn’t horrible, and can easily sell; the true tragedy is the departure for everything that the margiela name has become known for. while there seems to be no end in sight for this commercialization, i expect that the margiela label will become entirely out of context with what it used to be. this being mystery, intrigue, creativity and the unexpected. a true loss in the world of fashion as art. aside from greater commercial success, fashion is about vision and here it appears lost.

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