by Jeremy Danté


what yo’ name iz? gem r., herieth paul, & soo joo park

when liya kebede opened the FW13 show at tom ford, i expected to see great things for this campaign. admittedly, the animal print was too heavy for my liking. but this shit right here is dope. the over the top use of print is almost a caricature of trend in fashion; diversity is represented with the trinity of ethnicities that is represented with a white, black and asian model. i loved the use of cosmetics in this campaign, and can easily identify a segue into tom ford’s next big business venture, which is skincare and cosmetics. the collection has it’s share of ‘spare me’ design concepts, but i think it showcases ford’s ability to exemplify fashion as something less serious, something that is a mere product. when tom ford announced his return to womenswear, everyone held there breath until the first collection debuted. i will say that it has not been what we expected. at least not in considering tom ford’s track record as a designer. i had expected something more sexualized, something more serious, something more high brow, in a sense. but it seems that tom ford is really playing his role up the way he likes, by his own rules- which really means, no rules at all. this campaign isn’t as photographically groundbreaking, though there are new school representations of fashion through diversity. instead, we see a toting of fashion leadership, the idea that a designer can break rules and still sell in the upper tear of a fashion market. ford is an icon, and has afforded these rule breaking ways by being consistent through his luxe portfolio of design direction with gucci and yves saint laurent, in the past.

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