by Jeremy Danté


juan betancourt steps in to replace tom ford’s beloved, jon kortajarena it seems. ford is amping up to get into the skincare market with a focus on products for growing a beard and with advertising in this lane, it’s flawless. by flawless, i do mean betancourt, whom is represented by wilhelmina models in new york, as well as elite in barcelona. juan continues to build his resume with a few italian campaigns already under his belt and editorial cameos printed in both spanish and brazilian GQ in the past year. betancourt lives in the same aesthetic lane as kortajarena, and it’s no surprise that his face has been popping up in tom ford’s menswear pursuits, first appearing in ford’s menswear collection presentation images. while the campaign for the coming product collections aren’t as groundbreaking, they are indeed stunning and one thing’s for sure, it brings attention to the release of this line of products, as well as betancourt as an emerging talent in the realm of male modeling. i first noticed betancourt in a couple of low quality photoshoots that were looping the reblog circuit in the visual world of tumblr, i made mental note and saved his images for my own personal style file of grooming- his hair? amazing. i think the casting for this solo campaign was perfect; jon kortajarena would’ve been suitable as well, but im glad to see the ford label moving away from such casting expectations.  as we’ve seen with ford’s fragrance campaigns, he’s definitely not afraid to showcase skin, and this campaign has it’s share of it. im anticipating the actual product launch and would like to try some of the items out myself. congratulations to the ford label on this effort of expansion, im sure the market is ready to go all in with their credit cards ready. the collection is now available at participating retailers and includes everything from an illuminating SPF tint to make-up remover. applauding this campaign casting decision, love the direction and believe, whole heartedly, that tom ford skincare will eat the market up. hoping to see more of juan in the coming show season.